Captain America: Civil War, Gabe’s Review


Every time I retwatch this film I come away more impressed!

The Russo Bro’s continue to be some of the best American action directors in Hollywood. The action scenes are all well shot, coherent, exciting, and endlessly creative. Their handling of these blows the action scenes in any other Marvel film out of the water(And those aren’t half-bad either for the most part)

The film does a great job of juggling this giant, sprawling, unwieldy story and giving it’s main characters enough screen to allow emotional investment where its’ important and allowing the characters who don’t get as much screen time to be at the very least fun and or interesting.

The addition of Tom Hollander as Spider-Man is pitch perfect, I honestly cannot think of any way they could have better handled his character.

I also appreciated how it didn’t necessarily take a side and allowed both teams to have great compelling arguments about a complex issue and then left it for the audience to decide.
But Cap is obviously right and Tony Stark is a fascist… Obviously!

It’s not perfect, the plot is rather messy and rushed at times per the norm for the genre, and the main villain’s plan makes absolutely no sense(that’s never happened before).

And this film is really, really funny, I wouldn’t be surprised if Joss Whedon took a pass on the script. It’s that good.

All in all it’s a really solid continuation of the Marvel universe with great action, characters, humor and it competently handles complex issues without being preachy.


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