Episode 26: X-Men: Apocalypse Review

To celebrate the release of the latest Wolverine film, Logan, we review the third film in the rebooted X-Men universe. Apocalypse received mix reviews from critics, but Gabriel believes it’s worth another look.

Great direction from returning director Bryan Singer, excellent performances and a unique villain make this a very solid entry into the franchise.

Recent Films:


Hell or High Water 1:00, Prisoners 210, The Lego Batman Movie 3:40, Pulp Fiction 6:05, Moonlight 7:21, Morgan 11:35,


Get Out 15:17, Unbreakable 16:25

Main Review: 18:00

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  1. Hey Gabriel! I have been meaning to tell you that I listened to this podcast! ^_^ I thought you guys brought unique perspectives to the film that normally don’t get talked about. (I think it is great your podcast focuses on movies the fly under the radar! I noticed you had a podcast on John Carter. Really enjoyed that movie too!) I think I came away with an even more appreciation for Oscar Isaacs role. There are such hidden depths of Apocalypse and what his character represented for the story, and Isaacs brings this subtle, but chilling persona to the character – which, perhaps, a lot of fan boys are missing out on. At any rate, I enjoyed listening to you guys! 🙂

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