Episode 27: The Good Dinosaur Review


In this episode we review what we believe to be Pixar’s most underrated film, The Good Dinosaur. It was released to a disappointing box office return and middling critical reception.

But on closer inspection beyond the gorgeous visuals, there are lovely, heartfelt characters and a spellbinding Man(or dinosaur) vs. Nature tale filled with harsh danger and jaw-dropping beauty.

One of Pixar’s most unique films.

Even if you’ve seen this movie and didn’t enjoy it, we hope you’ll listen and come away with a new respect for the film.

Recent Films:

James: Manchester By the Sea 1:50, Hacksaw Ridge 3:35, The Seven Adventures of Sinbad 6:10, Jurassic City 7:15, Gone Baby Gone 8:20, The Island 9:35

Gabriel: The Accountant 12:45, Logan 14:45

Main Review 15:20

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