Episode 39: John Carter Review

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This week we are joined by Chad Hopkins of The Cinescope Podcast to discuss the very underrated epic sci-fi adventure film, John Carter.


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Chad, Captain Underpants 2:27

James, Hot Fuzz 5:25

Gabriel, The American President and The West Wing 6:38, Sing Street 8:52

John Carter Review 11:58


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  1. Enjoyed this podcast. Good job all.

    Yeah, Disney screwed “John Carter”. Disney announced the movie was a loser BEFORE it opened in theaters. The opening credits named the movie “John Carter” but the closing credits named it “John Carter of Mars”. ‘Twere better had they stuck with the name of the first book — “A Princess of Mars”. Or “Barsoom”.

    The fan base was already there: ERB fans, sf fans, comic con fans. Disney should have marketed to them. They did not. Disney’s marketing department screwed the pooch. And the movie.

    The movie could use some more editing. Cut the first 5m38s. Start with Edgar reading the telegram on the train. Cut the general store scene and the stockade scene. Pick up the thread with the Colonel Powell and the cavalry chasing Carter across the desert. The movie loses nothing with these scenes deleted.

    My wife hates this movie, ’cause I watch it every time it shows up on cable. Gotta get the DVD.

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  2. John carter many lost their career from that so the advertising crew got away with it ? Or they spend so much on it rightly done , but forgot to do as good a job advertising it 😱The leading actor played that with emotion unlike all the other films like wonder women new movie and most others

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