Underrated is a podcast hosted by Gabriel Green and James Hamrick. The point of this podcast is not to prove that we’re right and everyone else is wrong, but rather to provide a different opinion.

Over the years, Hollywood has produced extremely divisive films. Some have split audience reaction right down the middle, while others have been near unanimously disliked. We noticed that for several of these films, we have been a part of the minority that enjoyed them. So we decided to start a podcast where we are able to counter the criticisms aimed at them, as well as argue the films’ merit.

We also plan on discussing films that, while not necessarily hated, are often overlooked that we believe are worth remembering.

Our desire is not for our audience to be only those who agree with us, but we hope to be entertaining to those who disagree as well. Art is subjective, and because film is an art form, opinions are not necessarily wrong or right. Opinions are opinions, and we are two guys who happen to have some.