If there is one absolute truth about film, it’s that familiarity sells.

The current film landscape could be described as being flooded with franchises, and many would argue that as a negative. The point of Franchise Fatigue is to look beyond the cynical narrative surrounding franchises and over-saturation of genre, and instead focus on examining the franchises on a film by film basis for quality, and judging them accordingly.

Our goal is twofold. Firstly, it is to give franchises a fair shake, and to celebrate all of the good that can come from a series. We aim to be as objective and honest as possible, giving every individual film an unbiased review, acknowledging its successes, as well as its weaknesses. Secondly, it is to look behind the scenes at the franchises that have people lining the block, from the series inception to its completion. How financial or critical reception may or may not have affected future installments, and what kind of legacy each film has left behind.

If you’ve enjoyed the thrill of experiencing numerous stories with characters you’ve grown to love, or have been heartbroken by a series reaching the point of jumping the shark, join us as we explore the many series that have made us feel just that.